Electronic and device production, Electronic Manufacturing Services

Since 2010 ds automation operates a complete production line for electronic assemblies and devices. Our equipment, design and personal competences are primarily focused on small to medium series as well as the prototyping of new products. Through qualification, expertise and skills starting with construction to procurement and manufacturing process reliability, we are able to produce, supervise and, if necessary, adapt even complex products. Usually we can solve difficult and problematic situations quickly and successfully with our own broad expertise.
Starting with the idea and ending with series production of electronic products we can offer all services from one source. Individually tailored to the customer's requirements, we offer a wide range of services from development, production and testing to logistics and technical documentation. With our competent staff and ultramodern production facilities, we are a reliable and process-safe service provider. We are your specialist for the assembly and soldering of high-quality, industrial printed circuit boards for prototypes and small to medium series. Our manufacturing facilities are able to produce assemblies for harsh environmental conditions - like maritime and automotive electronics.

Production and processing steps that can be done in-house

  • construction of samples and prototypes (from lot size ≥ 1)
  • final assembly of complete electronical advices and systems
  • circuit board assembly (SMD & THT)
    • PCB dimension up to 300mm*400mm
    • components from size EIA 01005 up to 80mm*70mm
    • quantities: prototypes and small to medium series
  • reflow and vapor phase soldering
  • solder paste stencil printing up to 23"
  • automated optical quality inspection (AOI)
  • coating to protect against environmental influences, painting
  • assembly potting on own injection molding equipment
  • adhesive application
  • cable assembly
  • component procurement
  • dry storage for moisture-sensitive components
  • heat treatment
  • ESD-compatible production
  • functional tests for assemblies
  • logistics and material management
  • repair services for electronics (assemblies, devices, systems)

  • Bestückungsautomat essemtec paraquda

    placement machine essemtec paraquda

  • bestückte Platinen

    assembled boards

  • Prüfstation

    test station

  • Platinenwäsche

    platine wash

  • Bestückungslinie

    placement line: dry storage, placement machine, reflow oven

  • Prüfplatz

    test site

  • bestückte Baugruppen

    equipped assemblies

Products and technical possibilities

Our production produces sound sensors, steering sensors for forklifts, on-board computers and communication modules for agricultural machinery, controls for machine tools, maritime electronics, electronic noses, electronic name tags for hospital staff, time recording terminals, controls for air separators and other assemblies and devices. Samples and unique pieces go through our manufacturing as well as medium series with thousends of specimens.
Due to our flexible equipment, we can react very flexible to changing series and produce small series economically and short-dated. The gapless identification of all our building elements with barcodes from storage to the placement on the board leads to an error free equipping and a reliable product function. The intelligent additions our machines have can be changed during running production. In this way the continuous equipping of components with more variuos single part items than feeder sites is possible without interruption.
In the vapor phase soldering process, the heat arrives where it is needed. By condensing the vapor at points that have not yet reached the soldering temperature, condensation heat is released precisely there. Other parts are not overheated in the process. This means that components of different sizes and masses can be soldered on a board in compliance with specifications and with process reliability.