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dsound® USE01-Exciter unit

- magnetic and mechanical excitation of test objects

The dsound® USE01 enables quality testing by an acoustic resonance measurement with magnetic or mechanical excitation in an industrial environment. It is a highly integrated exciter unit that significantly extends the application range of our sound sensors.

technical data

  • line-integratable test unit with non-contact magnetic or mechanical excitation
  • test rate between 14 und > 20 objects per second, depending on version
  • highest repeatability / reproducibility of excitations
  • CAN interface for integration and parameterization in the line
  • real-time diagnostic and statistical functions
  • USB interface for parameterization via PC
  • 2 digital switching outputs, two analog inputs, one synchronization input for direct PLC connection
  • robust and compact housing (degree of protection IP67)
  • can be combined with dsound® USS4 und USS5

application fields

  • for quality and product testing in the food, automotive and mechanical engineering industries
Sound sensors for dsound® USE01
USE01, Produktfoto