Our Code of Conduct

  • Since 01.01.2024 the Supply Chain Duty of Care Act is mandatory for companies with at least 1000 employees. Our company is much smaller. Therefore, we are not required to develop a Code of Conduct, but we would like to declare it anyway:
    1. Of course we respect and comply with the law. Besides, we are presumably also obliged to do so.
    2. Of course we treat each other as humanely, respectfully, equally and non-discriminatorily as possible - both with each other and with customers and suppliers.
    3. We do not participate in corruption.
    4. Of course we reject child and slave labor and do not use it to manufacture our products.
    5. Of course we try to work as sustainably and environmentally friendly as possible.
    6. It goes without saying that we minimize the use of problematic raw materials and substances in our technical developments.
    7. Of course we are in favor of reason and proportionality.
    8. Of course we must (and may) trust that our business partners generally comply with the law.
  • In fact, we have been acting in accordance with these principles since the very beginning of our company's existence, even though there was no Supply Chain Duty of Care act in the first 25 years of our existence. At that time, it was obviously not necessary to explicitly and redundantly assure each other of these self-evident principles. Overall, we consider ourselves to be sufficiently regulated and burdened with bureaucracy. In exercising our authority, we are also limited to the extent of our possibilities. We generally do not grant any rights to control, audit or inspect our internal processes and procedures beyond those prescribed by law. Such controls are not possible solely due to data protection and confidentiality obligations towards third parties - apart from the effort involved and the degree of conceivable usefulness resulting from this.